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Implementing OAuth v1 This article provides information regarding integration with OAuth v1 applications.
Implementing OAuth v2 This article provides information regarding integration with OAuth v2 applications.
API Specification Overview All communication between Vizydrop and connected applications occurs over a REST API, as specified and outlined in this chapter. All third party applications are expected to adhere to a particular API format as outlined in this documentation. The underlying technologies used to develop these third party applications are up to...
POST /datalist - Options for Filter Fields This endpoint provides options to available datalist fields.
POST / - Source Data Fetching This endpoint performs actual data gathering from the source specified.
GET / - Schema Information This API endpoint provides application and schema information to Vizydrop
GET /logo - Application Logos This simple endpoint provides a logo for connected applications.
POST /validate - Account Validation This API endpoint performs validation of connected accounts.
DateSpec DSL In order to make filtering by dates and date ranges easier on the end-user, Vizydrop uses a custom domain specific language to represent dates and date ranges. The syntax allows a user to specify either a static date or a dynamic date range using simple mathematic operators and plain English...
Fields Fields in Vizydrop denote either user-supplied fields or fields within an information schema. There are various types of fields that each represent a different type of data. Fields are also used internally to denote information both required and optional for accounts and filters. ## Field Types The table below lists...