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This site provides documentation and other notes for integrating with and developing custom applications for Vizydrop - a data visualization platform brought to you by the folks behind Targetprocess.

The instructions here are geared towards developers and systems analysts. If you are looking for documentation regarding the use of Vizydrop, you won’t find that here.

Brief Introduction

All communication between third party applications and Vizydrop’s internal servers are done via standard hypertext protocols, whether they be HTTP or HTTPS. All third party applications are expected to adhere to a particular API format as outlined in this documentation. The underlying technologies used to develop these third party applications are up to the individual developer, though the Vizydrop team officially provides software development kits (SDKs) in the following languages:

All communication with third party services is done via Vizydrop’s Applications Gallery, codenamed Hermione. Users may register their applications with Vizydrop by providing a HTTP or HTTPS URI for their service. The service must be accessible from the internet in order for the applications gallery to successfully communicate with the service. It is highly recommended that service providers consider utilizing HTTPS for all endpoints and limit access to these services only to IP addresses known to be from Vizydrop’s Hermione service (see technical specifications and security specifications for more information).

In essence, Vizydrop’s Hermione applications gallery service acts as a proxy between other Vizydrop services and the third party provider with some added logic for account and filter storage and validation.

Dive Right In

We provide an easy-to-use Python SDK to develop Vizydrop integrations with your applications. You can get started right away by checking out the documentation regarding the SDK, or by checking out our annotated sample integration. More annotated examples are coming soon!